Monday, November 21, 2016

Travels again, still in reverse order

When we are on a cruise, Dick likes to take on the most active of shore excursions, while I do the easy ones.
In Toulon, France, the easiest excursion on order was a tourist-boat ride around Toulon's huge waterfront, on the largest bay in France.
The sun was so bright I couldn't double-check any of my cell-phone photos because of the glare, so I have repeats of everything, often several, and it's taking me forever to edit them all.
Although our guide spoke at length about Toulon's naval fleet, including the dry dock with all its cranes, I turned my attention to seagulls, which I have always loved.
Indulge me on this one, please...the bay is so big that the gulls seem small, but I loved seeing them.

 From a T-shirt given to my brother Clint from his wife,  Maria, who also bought one each for their two sons.


Yamini MacLean said...

hari OM no interesting industrial detail? Oh well, I'll settle for the gulls too!!! YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

You would like our condo in Powell River then. They fly right past the window and sit on the roof. The down side is they drop things on our balcony and make a mess. They also fill the gutters with junk so they don't drain well, so our maintenance guys (volunteer condo owners) go up and have to clean them out. Mind you we are on the third floor over an open underground garage. You wouldn't get me up there on the edge. - Margy