Friday, November 25, 2016

A little bit of sign fun

In our Scottish travels my friend Yam and I saw these hilarious (to me) signs, and she had the foresight to photograph them.

Signs of the times? Well, they make growing old a whole lot funnier. Apparently the first one can be seen in many places as the population of Great Britain ages.

As I'm not exactly in peak condition today, I thought I'd just post one more post, then go about finding a cure for what ails me. (No, no hair of the dog, although we have plenty of dog hair around our house.)

 Yamini MacLean photos


Powell River Books said...

Not sure about the boar, sheep and frog sign. They must have their own special road crossings. I should have taken a picture of the sign in the pub we went to for Thanksgiving dinner (beer and chicken wings, so traditional don't you think?). It said, "Men, no shirt no service. Women, no shirt free drinks. - Margy

Kay L. Davies said...

Margy — I'm betting you didn't remove your shirt!

Powell River Books said...

I can pay for my own brews and let them yearn. - Margy

diane b said...

I hope they are not to scale or else they have huge frogs/toads there.

Mara said...

Having travelled quite extensively through the British Isles, I have never managed to get a good photo of the top sign. It still annoys me no end!