Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Here in the neighbourhood

Well, whodathunkit? I went for a long walk today. Took lots of photos. Came home, spent two hours trying to convince my computer to accept my new photos from my iPhone. Sigh.
Finally got some...enough for one blog post anyway, so here I am. It's still Tuesday in this part of Canada, so I am sharing this ordeal with Our World Tuesday.

So, it started with me going on a walk with my walker, and realizing (duh) that my cell phone, which I use as a pedometer, can also take photos.
Out with the cell phone, then ask a neighbour if I can get a photo of the little iron dog on his lawn. I sure think it's cute.

The Redcliff Public Library (above) and the Seniors' Drop-in Centre, below left, are popular, busy places here in our town. The metal building across from the Seniors' Centre is the Youth Centre. Hmmm...

...I never thought about it before: the interesting juxtaposition of the Seniors' Centre and the Youth Centre. What about young adults? And middleaged adults, too? Gotta wonder.

The bedraggled remains of this basketball net looked lonely in the empty parking lot of the Rec Tangle, which I always call the ice rink, because winter finds it busy with hockey players, figure skaters, and recreational skaters.

I enjoyed the shade of the trees here at the "pillar park" down the street from our house, and found a few photo ops.

Redcliff, now a quiet residential town, used to be a bustling place with several large businesses, like the rolling mill to which this plaque is dedicated.

Behind the brick structure and the plaque, in a quiet park, are several large columns commemorating the town's industrial heritage and, behind them is a tennis court and a children's play area. A baseball diamond nearby is, of course, a busy place in spring and summer.

The flag at the Baden Powell Centre was hardly moving at all in the stillness of this late summer day.

Next to the Baden Powell Centre, and just a block from our house, is the bike park, which held no mad young cyclists when I first passed by, but there were some there when I was headed home. However, they were moving too fast for me to capture photos of them with my cell phone.
Is it like this for everyone? Take the phone out of pocket, purse or whatever, turn it on, enter password, click to turn it into a camera...impossible for me to get there very fast.

I couldn't resist another look at our neighbour's little warning-dog. I wonder if it really discourages disobedient dog-walkers.

And speaking of walkers, I was completely un-thrilled when I remembered I had to fold mine up, then hoist it into the trunk of my car.
Funny thing: I walked 3286 steps today (it's now 3 pm-ish) but I walked 3793 steps yesterday, when I didn't even take my walker out. True fact.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
... I guess the other society members are expected to use the 'community hall'... what a pleasant outing - love the warning iron! One thing I recall from wearing pedomoters is that they ought not to be used in the home, as we tend to move differently and it can give false readings. Anyway - the numbers are going up, so that's all to the good!!! Ringing changes on the bloggy? Another positive &*> YAM xx

Susie Clevenger said...

Thanks for sharing you outing. I didn't know you were using a walker. I will use whatever it takes to keep me mobile. I have used a cane off and on when my fibro flares.