Friday, August 26, 2016

Cruising with my walker on a somewhat cloudy day, the one I love gives me a shove...

Okay that doesn't have quite the right ring to it, somehow but that's what I'm doing, but not with the one I love, or even the dog.
And going for a walk is new news because I have been fighting my overwhelming team of caregivers for many months now, especially the one who wants me to use a walker so that I get more exercise.
Okay, I need a walker, but it has to be a walker that will hold two small suitcases. Then, when I travel by rail, I can use it as a luggage cart if necessary. Not in huge airports, of course. There I agree to take the assistance available to unfitties in large airports.

So...I bought one. I didn't use it, but I bought a walker.
Then, last week, I saw the same doctor, who asked me, "Where is your walker?" and also said, "You aren't even using a cane."
"I left them both in the car," said I.
True fact, that's what I did. Walker in trunk where I wouldn't be reminded of it, and cane in the front seat where I could use it if accosted, any dangerous persons lurking in the hospital parking lot.

So...the plan is, I am going for a walk this morning. With my walker.
I'll be back afterward to tell you all about it. It isn't likely to be exciting, but it will be progress, something this stubborn female hasn't made much of lately, walking-wise.

Forward one half-hour.
"Honey, I'm ho-ome!" No response. He is more stubborn about his hearing aids than I am about the walker, and has been for quite some time, but I digress.

I swear it took longer to put the folded walker back into the trunk of my car than it did to walk three long blocks and back (for a total of six blocks, don't forget) until my feet hurt.
The doctor who prescribed the walker intended me to walk as far as I comfortably could, then to lock the wheels of the walker and sit down in the seat thereof until my diabetic nerve-damaged feet stopped hurting.
I didn't stop to rest. Not even in the dense shade of the ice rink. Sure, I walked down the avenue to the far end of the ice rink, but still...
Okay, my bad.
Decided yes, mornings are the best time for me to go walking. There is shade on the east side of every long block in town, and not too much sunshine on the cross-streets.
Howsomever, I didn't take my cell phone along for the ride, which means I also didn't take my pedometer, so I plan to take the same route tomorrow, to check out my mileage (using the term 'mileage' loosely because 'footage' would mean film, which this isn't).
I shall return anon (which means sometime in the near future) with new news about Project Fitness. In the meantime, this unfittie is losing weight. Yes, I am, and my blood sugar is bloody marvellous. After a nurse checked it for me, I had to tell everyone within telling distance, and then to tell my husband by phone.

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That's a smart walker! Yes it will take a bit of getting used to. Like riding a bike. Once done, you'll never forget. I suspect you'll be fitter than me by the time travelling comes round! YAM xx

Friko said...

Oh Kay, sorry to hear that you need a walker now. Or a cane.
I haven’t been around blogging until recently because we too have problems in our house and I am now a full time carer for Beloved.

But I have decided that life can’t stop because there are obstacles and I am trying to blog again at least once a week.

I know all about stubborn blighters who keep forgetting their cane and certainly have to be begged to walk a few steps down the drive. I am glad to see you are better at following doctor’s advice and I hope to hear good news from you about your progress.

Penelope Puddlisms said...

Wow … your own private baggage cart and comfy seating apparatus. Nice to hear about the blood sugar being marvelous and that you are walking a little more. Soon you won’t be able to NOT go out for a walk. :))

Reader Wil said...

My daughters want me to use a rollator or walker. I shall never cycle again after my last fall.
My elder daughter bought me a mobility scooter. I have to learn how to drive it.
Thanks for your comment. Great idea to appoint two executors in one's will. I have only one. First my bookkeeper was executor, but that is out of the question now, after what he had done in the past few years.
Well I have to hurry and be ready for my weekly choir practice. Have a great weekend.

Rajesh said...

Looking forward to hear from you after the morning walk.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

We had to resort to captions on the DVD we were watching. Better than blowing out my ear drums, too!