Monday, April 7, 2014

Trying something new this week

My friend Yam has a linky on her blog, and I've never linked to it before. Today she features lovely photos of a sunny day in Scotland.
I know how scarce the sun can be in Scotland, not to mention England, Ireland or Wales, so I'm responding with some sunshine as well.
I can't say "with some sun of my own" because my husband took these photos during our trip to Iceland.
Yam says it's less-speak-more-peek today, so I will be quiet now, and show you some Icelandic sunshine from last week.

My husband went riding, I didn't. I love the Icelandic horses, but I would have had a lot of difficulty getting on and off. I know, because I have trouble with my own chair at home.

Photos by
Richard Schear 

Very late or very early?

This is the back of the big statue of Leif Erikson, an Icelander who is said to have discovered Finland. If you enlarge the photo, you can read the inscription from which I got this information.


Powell River Books said...

I love riding, and as short as I am, Icelandic ponies might just be the right height. I had three horses, and all were fairly small. Even so, I had to use a box, stump, hill or fence to get on. - Margy

Jo said...

Hi Kay, wonderful photos of sunny conditions on your trip to Iceland. I love the Santa Mail Box! I will find a sunny pic (lots in Africa, as you can imagine) and link to your friend's blog. Thank you for your and Lindy's kind message on Ambrose' post yesterday. I am still very week today although I've been resting with this dang fever for five days. I've been on strong meds which is injected into me every day so the results are slower but more effective. It seems to be a very bad (and maybe "new") strain. Many of the people on camp has malaria or typhoid or both at this time. Only Grant has been up and about and tending to us all! (((Hugs))) Jo xxx

Sherry Blue Sky said...

COOL photos. I love those sturdy little horses! What a quaint little town too.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Welcome to Less Speak More Peek - an earlybird version of the Wordless Wednesday circle. It's a great way to travel the world!!! These are lovely shots - I used to ride a lot in younger years but have no idea how I'd go now. Love that blue building! YAM xx

Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures as always. You've made me add another place on the list of want-to-visits.