Tuesday, April 15, 2014

N is for NEMA and Northern

Posted for ABC Wednesday

I missed part of the alphabet while we were away on our most recent adventure, and the only "N" I could remember seeing in Iceland was the Northern Lights, which we were unable to photograph without a tripod.
Then I found this photo of a sign in the Icelandic language.
"NEMA pJONUSTUUMFERD" doesn't really get the point across because I can't replicate the extra letters in the Icelandic alphabet, but it gives you an idea how long the words can be.
I don't know about the house that the English part of the sign refers to, but I am here to testify that Icelandic seafood is delicious indeed. I spent most of my adult life in or near the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, with plenty of excellent seafood all around me, but (may my beloved BC forgive me) it doesn't hold a candle to Icelandic seafood from the icy waters of the North Atlantic.


Roger Owen Green said...

"Warning" and "delicious" is a funny pairing!


Mara said...

Looking at the names of some of my colleauges (who are Icelandic) I think that first letter isn't a p, but more of a th. I think. I may be wrong though.

Joy said...

So funny I love that wording, and would head right over. I think the traffic sign our humorous restaurant owner has attached his sign to is a warning that only service traffic is allowed beyond that point but could be wildly wrong.
Joy - ABC Team

Phil Slade said...

Just this week we had some Icelandic plaice. Absolutely delicious, so good we bought more and will eat it instead of our usual Haddock. Yes, Kay's Chippie is still the best, shame you can't get there but your planned trip way out West sounds so exciting. Look out for Cowboys and Indians.

Have a Happy Easter you three.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I really wish I enjoyed traveling more! I'm happy to share yours virtually!