Monday, December 30, 2013

Our world Tuesday: lots of snow

Snow on the west coast of Canada, yay!
I remember coastal snow well. I had to get to work in it, for years, and nobody on the west coast is very good at driving in it. It is heavy wet snow and causes more traffic jams than rush hour. In rush hour, it was worse.

Maria Davies photos
However, it was a happy occasion earlier in December when my brother Clint got to take his grandson Malcolm out to experience the fun side of snow. Buttoning and zippering and mittening done, Malcolm was happy to look at the 5-tiered snowman someone built .

Meanwhile, here in Alberta, we had snow galore. Snow in Medicine Hat, and in the town next door where we live, snow on the Trans Canada Highway (also known as Highway 1) and north on Highway 2 when we went to visit Dick's daughters in Red Deer. We were joined there by his eldest daughter who lives in the Far North, along with her daughter Taylor Dawn and also Taylor Dawn's daddy. It was great to see them.

The snow in Red Deer was
very deep, so Lindy was
unable to wear the snow
boots she wears near home.
Richard Schear photo
Lindy enjoyed our time at the Red Deer Lodge, and especially liked sitting in the lobby where people would see her and come to pet her. The lobby has a nice seating area where we visited with Dick's youngest daughter, her husband, and their children, who arrived from Medicine Hat and were headed farther north. These are the grandchildren Lindy knows best, so she was very happy they came.

We were all glad to get home safely, and looking forward to getting some rest after a lot of traveling.

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Anonymous said...

What adorable shots! Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!

SquirrelQueen said...

We moved down from Alaska and were used to driving on the hard pack snow. The wet snow is a pain and causes all sorts of problems. But it sure is pretty. We don't see that much of it here.

Looks like Malcolm was fascinated by the white stuff.

Happy New Year!

Kay said...

Malcolm is an absolute angel. What a cutie! And Lindy too! I'll bet she's glad of that thick fur in this weather. Happy, healthy, wonderful new year, Kay and Dick!!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Wow that was a major effort for everyone to get together - but I am sure well worth it. Lindy does look cute in those snow boots! Have a peaceful and warm Hogmanay and here's to the next 'set of 12'. Hugs, YAM xx

Fun60 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful family get together. That snow looks very deep but such fun for the children. Happy New Year.

Mara said...

As opposed to last year, we haven't had any real snow here yet. The one day it fell was followed by a day of high temperatures and rain so it disappeared very quickly. Of course inland it's a completely different story: lots and lots of snow!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You sure have had your share of snow! Ours is horrible to walk on. Much fun when it is nicer.

Kristin Linnea Backe said...

Happy New Year!

RedPat said...

Happy New Year to you all!

Leslie said...

What a darling child! Wishing you a very happy (and healthy) new year.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

We escaped the Toronto snow and are quite happy here in the sunshine in Mexico.

Your photos are great!