Friday, December 13, 2013

Cheating for Weekend Reflections

Cheating? Yes, it's true.
I, who am committed to rigorous honesty, cannot pretend to have taken these pictures. Nor did my husband, nor did any other of my friends and relations. But you can see how the light reflects in both photos, and the light of the laser reflects in the first one as brightly as the light of the fire does in the second.

Photos from Canadian Tire online flyer
These are my Christmas gifts. One is from my husband, and one is from myself. For some reason, Dick said he'd rather not give me a mitre saw. He did, however, accept my money, then go to the store to buy it. Yay! I've always wanted a mitre saw. Merry Christmas to me!
And, said husband got me a TV stand with an electric fireplace in it. So now I won't have to watch the fireplace channel any more— or perhaps I will, this Christmas season, because there's really no point in putting new furniture together before we install the new flooring in the living room and dining room.
I've always wanted an electric fireplace. I've done my time chopping wood and keeping the home fires burning when I was much younger and stronger. A remote control is now my speed.
I must admit that, just today, I told a blogger friend I don't like shopping, and it's mostly true. I don't like rushing through shopping malls to buy this, that, and the other thing for people on a list. I love the people who are there, on the list, but I don't like Christmas shopping.
So I have a remote control for shopping, too. It's a two-parter. The first part consists of my computer, and the second part is Richard Schear, my husband, who loves crowds and shopping.
Now, I had just typed the previous paragraph, when the fireplace arrived. It turned out to be too big to fit in Dick's car, so it was brought from the store by two wonderful women, our friend Bonnie and her daughter Lacey. Bonnie also brought her granddaughter "Zaffy" to play with the dog while she and Lacey struggled with the weight of the huge box.
Dick, who could have helped them with it, arrived home just after they left.
Thanks, ladies, we really appreciate it!

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Kay said...

Dick likes to go shopping? He's golden! A mitre saw? Hmmm... Art would like to come over.

Powell River Books said...

Two wonderful Christmas presents. Things are really getting crazy around here in Bellingham. The condo is next to the mall and CostCo and Walmart are down the street. Driving anywhere is a challenge. Give me my cabin up the lake any day. - Margy

Viera said...

Enjoy your Christmas gifts...Hope that the light of the fire will bring the joy to your home...

Jo said...

What wonderful friends you have, Kay! And kudos to Zaffy who played with Lindy while you were all busy. I wouldn't know what to do with a Mitre Saw. But then I don't know how to hold a hammer either! Have a wonderful weekend. And hugs to you all. Jo

diane b said...

They are unusual gifts but if they make you happy that is the main thing, Dick likes shopping ! Hang onto that man.

'Tsuki said...

Well I uderstand cheated for the weekend reflection contest : it wouldn't have been easy to take pics of those gifts if they are already packed and under the tree... Have a lovely chrismas, dear.