Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things we carry in the Imaginary Garden

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Peggy Goetz has challenged us to make use of the word "carry" today in the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
It is a verb with many objects, and indeed more than one meaning. It is a noun. It is part of a phrase...carry on...carry out, etc.
But Peggy has asked us to write about "things we carry"...and there are almost as many ways to carry things as there are meanings to the verb "to carry" so we have wide scope within what might first appear an easy prompt.

I carry a heavy
heart within me
sadness for Syrians
for Israelis
and Palestinians

sadness because
the government 
of Canada
actively supports
oil companies

sadness because
the government
of the USA
actively supports
fracking practices

sadness because
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neither government
supports healthier
more natural

sadness because
one of my best
friends lost most
of her sight
Richard Schear photo
a year ago

sadness because
I’m helpless and
our beloved dog
is losing her 
eyesight now

she gets lost in
the house at night
her world is not
what it was, and
         nor is she
                ...and nor am I...
Kay Davies, September, 2013


Dimple said...

Hi Kay,
There are so many sad things in the world. I am sorry about your friend's eyesight, and Lindy's. And I am sorry that we are not as young and vibrant as we used to be.
I pray that the sun come out in the garden, and that its light will lighten your burden.

Grace said...

How sad dear Kay ~ I am touched by your post and hope things will become lighter somehow ~

Peggy said...

Very moving Kay and so much that is thought provoking for me. You did an excellent job her of conveying a mood of sadness. Hugs to your doggie too.

Helen said...

Kay, you are carrying a heavy load of sadness ... sending love your way.

Ella said...

This is sad! I too am touched by all that you shared~ (hugs)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Kay, I am stricken to hear dear Lindy is losing her sight. She is such a happy girl, and I am distressed to hear this news. Very distressed. But! I have another poet friend whose beloved fur companion lost his sight, and he is still happy and doing well two years later. They somehow adapt. She is well loved and you both will help her so much. And the main thing is, she will be with you and, thus, happy. So sad, though. So sad.

Margaret said...

So much we carry - so much we are helpless to change. Oh, hugs, hugs, Kay!

Susie Clevenger said...

So touching, my heart has been so heavy with Syria and the rest of the Middle East. My precious Lucy dog lost her hearing in her final years. Change comes with its joys and sorrows...and we must change with it.

grapeling said...

sometimes I wish the bag of sadness I sometimes carry would develop a hole in the bottom so it all would leak out.

Jinksy said...

Carrying sadness is a heavy burden...

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is such a true expression of all the troubling thoughts one may carry, from the big issues down to the one that most strikes at the heart on a daily basis, and finally oneself. Very moving poetry, Kay.

Kay said...

Oh Kay, I'm so sorry. There is so much sadness in the world right now. I wonder what will happen next. I'm so sorry for your friend and Lindy. I have a friend whose dog also lost his eyesight. However, amazingly he was able to maneuver around the house quite well. I think the sense of smell helped a lot too.

clarior e tenebris said...

Heavy weights all. Too heavy to carry alone.