Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My sister-in-law sent me this link to a video someone shot from shore on Galiano Island, British Columbia, recently. Galiano is one of the Gulf Islands between the BC mainland and Vancouver Island.
Unfortunately, the audio consists mostly of a woman yelling "Yahoo!" and "Wahoo!" but at least she doesn't say anything that can't be shown to your children and grandchildren. And it really is a great video.

Wikipedia photo
The orca is also known as the killer whale, but they don't hunt humans. That doesn't mean humans don't hunt orcas, however, and the conservation status of the orca is listed as "threatened".

Enjoy this video of a fabulous scene in my home province of British Columbia.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
WWOOOOHHOOOOO!!!. Nothing else to say really &*<> YAM xx

Margaret said...

This was so much fun! The lady was so funny - I enjoyed her. My 5 year old son had fun watching it too.

jabblog said...

How privileged you are to see such a glorious sight. Those movements could be set to music.

Dimple said...

Good video, Kay. I loved hearing them breathe.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

How wonderful to view - thanks so much for providing the link.

Do so wish I had been there - I think my heart would've nearly burst with exhilaration.

Anna :o]

Kay said...

Woo hoo! That was very impressive! So you've got orcas near you? Wow!

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Kay — No, the orcas are on the coast of British Columbia. Wish we had them here, but there's no ocean. Remember when you and Art and your mom were in Montana? Well, Alberta is above most of Montana, mountains on the west, then prairie as far as the eye can see.