Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beauty here at home

Above, redwinged blackbird high atop a tree.

Photos by Richard Schear.

Below, the prairie wind blows Lindy's golden curls until they're almost straight.

While we make plans to visit other parts of the world, we could easily forget the scenic beauty here at home if my husband didn't take his camera with him as he walks our golden retriever, Lindy. Following an unusually rainy May and June, the prairie desert of southeastern Alberta is lush and green in contrast with the wind-carved rock formations. Dick and Lindy are especially delighted when they spy wildlife. Lindy is fascinated by the deer, wants to chase the wild rabbits, and ignores the birds in the coulees west of our neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Very NIce.

aka Penelope said...

So nice to see photos of your area, Kay. Almost missed the adorable wee rabbit in the greenery. Lindy looks like she’s having a great time on her walk even though she can’t catch the wild life along her way. :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Lindy loves her walks. She has 3 favorite things, her walk, her denta-stick and her yogurt (plain, low-fat or non-fat) but she gets the most excited about walking. Dick can barely tie his shoes, she's licking his hands so much and bouncing around his chair. TOO wonderful.

Magpie said...

When you have the prairie wind who needs a hair straightener. Nice shots of the local wildlife. The blackbird makes a nice decoration on top of the tree.