Thursday, February 11, 2010

Consulting an Umbrella Expert

Oh, the trials and tribulations of an unfittie with photosensitivity issues, ending up in a hot Shanghai summer, seeking shade under a black umbrella (photo by Richard Schear). On a cruise to Alaska, Dick's blue and white golf umbrella hid him from the rain in Juneau (photo by Kay Davies) while in the Galapagos Islands, the big beige umbrella hid both of us from the sun at the equator (photo by Karina Lopez). Now the author has decided to consult an umbrella expert, Penelope Puddle, who lives on the wet west coast of Canada and can do wonderful things with the help of her umbrella. Perhaps Auntie Kay can learn to do the same.

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aka Penelope said...

From Penelope’s viewpoint, any umbrella is better than no umbrella. Although she has been known to turn her little sidekick umbrella into everything from a seagull’s nest to a surfboard, unfitties would probably simply enjoy protection from sun and rain that a strong but lightweight umbrella affords.

The ideal might be: large for complete cover, well made to withstand wind, water-resistant for downpours, and fabrics with UV protection. Looking at your pictures, it seems like you’ve tried most if not all of these in your travels!