Saturday, February 6, 2010

Look again

You may remember this picture from Chapter 6 but, unless you clicked on it to enlarge it, you might not have realized this crowd in China's Forbidden City contained me, your faithful scribe, under that black umbrella, in a wheelchair being pushed by the man in the white shirt with striped sleeves, in the foreground, just to the right of center. Did I have a pretty pink parasol? A blue umbrella to match the sky? A white one to keep the sun's rays from turning the skin on my face and arms to pizza but still keep me cool? No. I wasn't that smart. I didn't even wear a hat, although my husband did.
For details, see Chapter 7, below.


aka Penelope said...

Love your Chapter Seven post! It’s both informative and visually entertaining. There are so many pretty pastel colours in your picture. I think the umbrella dilemma is that black absorbs heat better but, on the other hand, also keeps the light from passing through better than pale colours do.

Kay L. Davies said...

Thanks, Penelope. You might be right about black keeping the light out better, but the heat was excruciating! My big beige umbrella was fabulous in the Galapagos Islands.