Sunday, January 14, 2018

New computer continues confusing, but...

Last week, I mentioned my ineptitude with my new computer.
I'm learning. I'm sure I'm learning how to use it. Okay, yes, with some help from my much-more tech-savvy husband.
I used to be on the cutting edge of computerized typesetting, you know, but I retired from the printing trade before technology reached the heights it has since attained in the 21st century, and I was good at it. I really was. I'd even been known to be 'stolen' from one employer by another because of my skills.
Long ago and far away, folks. Now I have no skills. I have to risk annoying annoying my husband by asking  for help, so many times that he has come to regard me as a slightly underdeveloped child.

However, with his help: my triumph of the day — I am playing music from my youth via something called The Nostalgia Machine. (

To change the subject completely now, I've found something new (new to me, don't forget that part, it might not be new to everyone) for my diet-controlled diabetes.
I found it accidentally, in the drugstore, while waiting to get my flu shot.
There were two kinds of 'naturally sugar free' mints on the counter, labelled 'no aspartame' and 'naturally flavored' so I had to try them, one little box of 'Spicy Cinnamon' and one of 'Pomegranate' — how could I resist pomegranate mints? Yum.
pomegranate and seeds
Yes, yum!
I decided to check out some of the listed ingredients on Wikipedia.
"Sorbitol (/ˈsɔːrbɪˌtɒl/), less commonly known as glucitol (/ˈɡlsɪˌtɒl/), is a sugar alcohol with a sweet taste which the human body metabolizes slowly."
more pomegranate

Okay, we all know 'sugar alcohol' doesn't mean booze, and of course 'sweet taste' is what I was after.
So far, so good, and 'metabolizes slowly' is good, too, right?
But who knows what 'isomer of mannitolmeans?  Not I.
But it also says the isomer of mannitol is 'found in nature, for example in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes.'

Yum. Now that sounds better, except maybe the prunes.

And then there are the illustrations offered by Wikimedia:
a red, white, and black one, which is kinda cute,
and also this next one: which no one in this household understands...
Mechanism of glucose reduction reaction.png
It is "all Greek to me" as my mother would have said.
That's it! I've turned into my mother. I instinctively know a great many useful things: I can cook without recipes, for instance. Without recipes and without pre-prepared food.
I know which things go with which, etc., although I don't know how to serve pomegranate.
Sigh again.
Now, can someone tell me why my computer screen keeps disappearing, only to reappear with something else on it? Or why it scrolls up and down whenever it feels like it?

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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said... is always changing and so are computers. I'm not sure why your computer screen is doing that but maybe you can find a "help" button somewhere on the program you use that will explain it?

Lady Fi said...

Glad you're getting used to your computer. If things are disappearing on screen, it's because your mouse is in one of the corners of the screen. Typically, if you put your mouse in the bottom left-hand corner, it will try to activate your screensaver. You can go into Settings and deactivate the hot corners.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We both need a Lady Fi in our lives don't we Kay! (Both for her beautiful posts and hosting and now we find out she is a techie expert too!!)...

Trust me, our husbands (yours and mine) have a lot in common ;>)

It's wonderful you can control your T-2 Diabetes with diet...congratulations on that... Bill tries to be careful and he avoids desserts but he would have to give up the cocktail before dinner to get off the one pill he takes to keep his count in the right zone. But one more pill isn't bad. I don't nag.

magiceye said...

Technology does have the habit of turning our lives around! Am sure you will master the art sooner or later.

Pea bea said...

I'm kind of like you with computers anymore. I started with computers in the dark world of DOS and knew the key strokes, then windows and I even learned html to do web pages, and I could tear apart my computer and put in boards, etc. But now, I think I'm just getting too tired to learn the ins and outs of the new ones that have been pretty much made not user friendly. Mine keeps updating every time I get use to it the way it is and more and more added so it's taking up too much space. Anyway, I feel your angst with new computers, but I do love getting new ones. :) Thanks for visiting me. :)

Peabea@Peabea Scribles

Mara said...

I have accepted I am turning into my mother a few years ago now. Probably around the first time I said: Oh, hasn't she gotten old. The worst thing I could say and yet, there it was, straight out of my own mouth!


LA Paylor said...

you know dogs should not have sorbitol. At least that's what I read somewhere so keep it high!