Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Canadian tartans seem to be or not to be

A couple of weeks ago, pursuing an interest in my family tartans, I began researching tartans in general. It seems almost every country, city, town, and spot on the globe has its own tartan these days, so I will have to limit these posts, for fear of alienating whatever followers I might have.
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Now, rightly or wrongly, my research has come up with these Canadian tartans.

Canada's national Maple Leaf tartan.

Canadian provincial and territorial tartans:

Alberta dress tartan

A British Columbia dress tartan

British Columbia

A Manitoba dress tartan

  Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia, left. Cape Breton, right.
Cape Breton is part of Nova Scotia, but has always had a very strong sense of self.

Northwest Territory, below.



Prince Edward Island, left, and Quebec, right.

Territory of Nunavut

Yukon Territory tartan scarf, left

The official tartan for the Canadian Territory of Nunavut (above right) has not, as far as my research can discern, been officially declared. (See top, map of Canada, with grey area in the north.) Nunavut's choice seems to come down to the difference between the territory's dress tartan and its hunting tartan. Given that hunting is essential in the lives of the people of Nunavut, I'm leaning toward the slightly more muted hunting tartan, below right.


Lady Fi said...

I had no idea Canada had its own tartans!

Gattina said...

First I wish you a very happy New Year ! Tartans I saw a lot when I was in Scotland ! We even visited a factory. I like almost all the patterns. Didn't know that there were so many immigrants from Scotland in Canada !

Mara said...

The only one in this household who owns a tartan (and a generic one at that) is my teddy Brom. I made a kilt for him a few years ago which he wears with pride!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I didn't know there were Tartans for other countries besides the obvious one (that even I have read about). I loved seeing the map -- have been trying recently to teach myself a bit about Canada history and geography (my education was so lacking -- however, when it comes to Geography it may not be fair to blame my Catholic grade-school teachers -- I was rather prone to keeping a comic book inside my Geography text when we were supposed to be studying.

Kay said...

Hmmm... no tartans for Hawaii, I see.