Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dog and ball retrospective

Cito Gaston
On more than one occasion my husband, Richard Schear, and I drove from here (Medicine Hat, Alberta) to Seattle, Washington, to watch 'our' baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, play the Seattle Mariners.
The Jays were still led by coach Cito Gaston and were great fun to watch because playing against the Mariners meant playing against the incomparable Ichiro Suzuki.
In the stands, there would be an equal number of American and Canadian fans, many of them there because of the rivalry between the Jays and the Mariners, and many of them because they loved to see Ichiro's amazing performances.

The incomparable Ichiro
However, Dick and I had our own favourites: two young Blue Jays players we called our boys: mine was Aaron Hill and Dick's was Adam Lind.
Aaron Hill at bat

Adam Lind

In time, our trips to Seattle had to stop because we adopted a dog. She turned out to be a dog who loved to travel, but of course she couldn't be left alone in a hotel room while we attended a ball game.

When we first found our Golden Retriever at the former SOS Senior Dog Rescue in Medicine Hat, they called her 'Lily'. She had been living wild with another Golden, and  the two had spent a winter in a barn. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't stay in their new home, because the farmer couldn't afford to keep feeding two big dogs, so he had to give them up.
'Lily' was not, however, the name we kept for her. Our next door neighbours had a 'Lily' so Dick suggested we name her after his favourite Toronto baseball player, Adam Lind, and her name became Lindy.

The late, lovely Lindy was a beautiful girl, with a beautiful personality. She loved people and was even willing to be dressed up for Hallowe'en, when she loved to lick the candy-covered faces of neighbourhood children.

I'm posting this retrospective for
Lady Fi's incomparable meme, 
Thanks, Fiona, I know how much you love Goldens.
Our beautiful Lindy, here with her daddy, who adored her.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OH that's lovely Kay - don't think I ever heard from you how Lindy got her name! YAM xx

Jenn Jilks said...

You sure miss her, don't you?! They'll awlays be in our hearts.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I didn't know how your sweet Lindy got her name...I love this story!

Lady Fi said...

Ah -- dear Lindy!

Christine said...

What a sweet story on your late Lindy dogs name!
Thanks for your comments & I am pleased to follow !
You are most welcome any time!

Al said...

She looks adorable - goldens are such good-natured dogs.