Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I just had a birthday, so...

I just had a birthday, so
I got to wondering
if there’s a market
for Old Crone porn

(not to be mistaken
 for old cornpone,
 a market for which
 I’m pretty sure there’s not).
No, I was thinking
of wrinkling
in arms and legs and faces,
and many other places
elders got
(but youngsters have not).
Along with 
bellies that bag
and breasts that sag,
and all the hairs
on my chinny-chin-chin.
Do old guys
want to see them?
In living colour yet?
Or do they have
enough of that
Fallen arches
in our feet,
and toenails which
we now can’t reach,
with aches and pains
in places that
we never even
knew we had,
before Time, once our friend,
turned and bit us in the end,
and we can’t fight back,
because we need to nap.

Kay L. Davies, December, 2014                 


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Happy birthday Kay! I identified with far too much in this... which I think means you nailed it &*> Big hugs with these belated greetings, YAM xx

manicddaily said...

Ha! You can also fight back! I love the idea of crone pone! Thanks, Kay, for the smile. k .

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I love you, Kay!
This is perfect!
"Don't criticize the coffee. You'll be old and weak someday!"

Sherry Blue Sky said...

LOL, well you KNOW how much I resonate with this old-school-chum-I-didnt-meet-back-then. LOVED the closing lines.........cackle. Happy Birthday, happy year, kiddo! May it be a good one.

Red said...

I'm sure many people could empathize with this one.

Gail said...

I can relate!

Susan said...

Hahaha. It's important to have a sense of humor. Now that toe nail thing--I haven't asked a friend or podiatrist to do it yet--I'm still getting pedicures. You?

Kerry O'Connor said...

Lovely to hear from you, Kay. I hope you had a very special birthday, and are fighting fit and happy.

Marian said...

ooohhh Kay, haha! somehow now i really feel like i need a nap.
happiest, happiest birthday to you!
xoxoxoxxo M.

Jim said...

This is sooo true, Kay. Nicely written. In real life, we might be awake at 4:47 in the morning too, like Mrs. Jim was (and so I haven't slept since).
But I think your nap is fatal. (like our dear puppy on Tuesday)
In Nebraska high school language, in my day, cornpone was something vulgar, certainly not a market for it! Googled sources I briefly scanned did not include our high school kid usage.

Björn Rudberg said...

Oh first I love the pun on old crone's porn versus old cornpone .. So easy to hear it wrong without my hearing-aid working properly :-)

Secondly the sad state that bodies turn (and not just for crones) is something we have to accept... after all it's usually good to able to enjoy that nap :-)

Mara said...

I am sure there is a demand for old crone porn, although I am not too sure whether I would want to see it.

Love the poem though. Really good fun!

Kay L. Davies said...

Thanks, Yam, Karin, Jenn, Sherry, Red, Gail, Susan, Marian, Jim, Bjorn, and Mara.
I was sure there had to be at least a couple of comments hiding somewhere in the depths of Blogger's cellars, and when Marian told me on Facebook that she'd commented last week, I put on my best fighting face and let Blogger have it.
Et voilà! I found all of you, and a few lost comments that should have been on my previous post.
Thanks, Marian, for the push, and thanks, everyone, for the compliments. I love you all.

Powell River Books said...

Happy belated birthday. - Margy

Kay said...

I'm sorry I'm late with my birthday greetings, Kay! Oh... is that why you got the new car? Good for Dick!