Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stress, less, and mess

Am still adjusting to being a real finger-pricking diabetic instead of just a borderline diabetic with wonky blood sugar. It's been a series of ups and downs, and between illness and household renovations, I haven't been very active on my blog or even on Facebook.
Wish I could say I'm alive and well. However, I can say I'm alive and hopeful.

This photo was 11 years ago, but I like it better than this year's pictures. It was taken in the Dominican Republic, which has produced many big league baseball players for us to enjoy.
These days we're talking about going to Seattle to see our currently-league-leading Toronto Bluejays play in August. I can't make the commitment yet, but I'd love to be feeling up to exclaiming "Yay! Play ball!"

My intrepid photographer, Richard Schear, at left. The former me, at right.


Kerry O'Connor said...

It is a lovely picture, Kay. It sounds to me like you need some rest, both body and mind. Take it easy and look after yourself.

Joyful said...

Thoughts are with you as you deal with the ups and downs of diabetes. You look so happy in the photo with your dear hubs and I like you with long hair ;-)

Kay said...

I love that beautiful photo of the both of you, Kay.

I'm so sorry about the diabetic outcome. I really didn't enjoy the finger pricking thing when I had to do it. I'm borderline right now and you're reminding me to be better about what I eat.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I am discovering that the adjustment phase to ANYthing after a 'certain age' is rather daunting; not least accepting one's health status. Bless you for the hopeful part!!! I know you will do the best and leave the rest and this is as it should be dear Kay. Healing thoughts. YAM xx

Tammy said...

So sorry to hear about the health issues, but I hope the finger-pricking does its job and you get your blood sugar just where it needs to be. What beautiful hair you have!

Leslie said...

Oh, Kay, I'm sorry to hear of your new health issues. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter 24 yrs ago, and I well remember the regimen of finger pricks and measuring food. Sending hope and a prayer that you will feel better soon, and that the new "regime" will become, if not easy, then at least 2nd nature.