Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Play it again" prompt for Real Toads

Margaret, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, has challenged us with a complicated prompt this weekend.
First, she says we must include the ocean. That's easy. I love the ocean. Then she says we must write a new poem. Okay, I buy that...but, and here's the kicker, the new poem about the ocean must link back to a previous post on Real Toads.
She lost me once we got past the ocean part and the new poem part. How to do both those things and link them up with a previous post?
So I did my best. Remember, old brain cells can't be retrained as easily as new brain cells, doncha know, but I tried. Margaret, this one's for you.
Two of these photos are from a 2012 Toads post by a friend who is both a poet and a photographer, Kenia Cris. The other photo is by my husband, Richard Schear, and it is of the ocean.
a) ocean
b) new poem
c) linking to a previous post
 All present and accounted for. Check, check, and check.

Photo by Richard Schear, 2006
at sunrise
they came out of the sea
up onto the land
and sat on the sand
for a while

this is nice
being here on the land
and out of the sea
yes, so nice to be
dry a while
Kenia Cris, photo

not for long
are we going to be
relaxed on the sand:
there’s work on the land
so don’t smile

see that gate?
you and I don’t yet know
how to get through it
Credit: Johannes Stotter
copyright infringement
not intended
but we must do it
with our hands

goodbye, sand,
it was nice to meet you
but, oh, now I know
that we both must go
through the gate

and our fate
will depend on our hands
to open the latch
and then we must catch
the right breeze

through the trees
and away from the sea
Kenia Cris, photo
goodbye, ocean blue,
so nice to know you
for a while

foolish fool
come away with me now!
and stand yourself up
you mis’rable pup—
get that gate!

I got it!
I opened the gate latch
you saw me do it
now we go through it
then go home

past the pond
the toads happily hopped—
then saw the towers
blooming like flowers
to beam them up through the clouds,
and home to a galaxy far, far away
Kay Davies, March 22, 2014


Sam Edge said...

Yu managed the three elements of the challenge well. The rhyming scheme is effortless.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is so amusing, Kay and quite fabulous (in the literal sense). I love all the colourful toads!

Björn said...

Both home and the sea will be kept inside no matter of which side of the gate you are... and remember the sand you have in your shoes when you get home.

Grace said...

Kay, I love how you weaved the story with the pictures ~ I can relate to the anxiety and excitement of opening the gate ~

Kenia Cris said...

It's never easy to say goodbye, especially to anything as big and present as the ocean.

Thanks for using my photos, dear Kay, I'm glad they've served some inspiration.

Kiss. <3

Susan said...

I've been re-reading Judith Moffett's The Ragged World, and your poem fit right in! You did the undo-able by combining all of the elements in a great story. (I didn't even see the one that demanded ocean!) Can't wait to see the film.

Margaret said...

… The ocean photos were an OPTION. The prompt is all about going back and finding ANY archived challenge … but you DID do well with combining all three - quite the super-poet, I'd say.

I KNOW I did NOT want to leave the Florida beaches, the waves, the sun. All it would have taken was a gate to keep me from leaving :)

Thank you for the effort and I adore the little toad in the boat :)

Hannah said...

I love the way that you wove the images into the piece, Kay...great story-telling poem!