Friday, March 21, 2014

Camping with Corey

Our friend Corey, aka Herotomost, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, has asked us to write about camping, or something scary (the two are synonymous) or something Lewis-and-Clarkian. Then he tells us he makes his Smores while sitting outside a luxury vehicle like this one:

I remember being in a canvas tent with my parents, brother, and sister, five sleeping bags overlapping at awkward angles, topped by a collie named Wag. No fun atallatall, except for the dog.

Photo from
Wikimedia Commons
I ate too many Smores
when I camped
the night before,
and found myself
peeing in a canyon
in the dark,
risking life and limb
to get away from him
who was snoring
in a camper
three doors down.
I nearly almost fell,
like Timmy in a well,
and then...
I swore I’d never
camp this way again.

Kay Davies, March, 2014

Fortunately for me, my husband hates the idea of camping, no matter how luxurious the vehicle, so our next adventure won't be in tents made of reindeer hide and sinew, but instead will be at the Reykjavik Hilton.
Sigh, happily.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Give me a nice luxury hotel any day!
I did smile at your description of the family camping trip, which your poem reinforces.

Always such fun to visit you here, Kay.

Helen said...

Iceland ~~ how thrilling! I would love to visit Reykjavik. (I'm with you when it comes to camping!)

Margaret said...

Smores are for the fire pit out my back door :) Yes, I agree … I'll take HIlton or Hampton ANY day over camping.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE your kind of camping!

Mara said...

I am with him on the camping! I prefer a hotel. I don't want to do anything while on holiday, I want to relax!

Iceland? Wow, that is certainly one country I would love to visit.

Herotomost said...

LOL!!! Kay, that was a great as it was honest. That trailer may be a bit nicer than mine, but hell who am I kidding mine has flat screen, oven and microwave. Its not really camping anymore. But I used to rough it as a kid and there were times when I enjoyed it and times when I didn't. Let me know what the hotel is, we are coming to join you and your husband for breakfast!!!!

jo-hanna said...

Hah! You married the right chap!
Wish I'd come for advice to you at the time :-)

Finally worked out what s'mores stands for: triple decker moreish dessert , Yes?

Kenia Cris said...

I want to go camping with you Kay!!! <3

Susan said...

A very vivid poem-portrait. I want the latrines to be lighted and nearby. I am so glad to have a choice in these matters.

Susie Clevenger said...

Yes, give me a room to camp in...that is my kind of wilderness sleeping

Linnea said...

I'm with you. I've done my share of camping and now I'm more inclined to stay in a hotel/motel than pull out all the camping gear. Iceland is near the top of my bucket-list travel destinations! Enjoy!

Powell River Books said...

It's good when two people think the same way. I would love to visit Iceland some day. But you might find me farther out in the bush (tundra?). We are taking a trip to Newfoundland this summer. We are flying there on Canadian Airlines with two large duffle bags filled with camping gear. We did this once before five years ago before I started taking care of Mom. Now we are going to try it again, camping by airliner. We are renting a 4X4 vehicle (if we can) and drive from St. John's up to the ferry over to Labrador. Should be an adventure (and probably a night or two in a wet tent). - Margy