Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unfit hardly cuts it compared with this

I just finished reading Amber Blecker's post on her CruiseResource News Blog, describing her experience as an accidental medical tourist on the other side of the world.
Check out what she has to say -- it will knock your socks off, as my mother would have put it. And be sure to heed Amber's advice.


aka Penelope said...

What a great link, Kay. VERY interesting reading about the travel insurance. Seems one should never leave home without it!

Kay L. Davies said...

You're right, Penelope. Not just health insurance, although Amber's experience certainly shows that to be a glaring necessity, but cancellation, etc., insurance as well, as we can learn from Rob's experience stuck in Europe after the volcano in Iceland grounded all planes in Europe. Fortunately, Rob had coverage, so he doesn't have to sell his house, Caroline's van, his Mini Cooper, his dune buggy, the children's tree house, or maybe even Jasper the darlin' dog, to pay unexpected expenses.