Monday, December 19, 2016

Magnanimity and other insanity

I don't know when last I cooked a full Christmas dinner. I don't think it was anything like a year ago, or even two or three, but... as I am often heard to say, these days "my rememberer is broke"...

I must have forgotten the amount of work entailed in such a cooking spree, because yesterday, in a fit of feeling good to the point of magnanimity, I invited our teenaged grandson and granddaughter,  along with their parents, to have Christmas dinner here.
At our house.
Dinner for six.
To be cooked in my kitchen.

I can't believe I said that. But there I was, flush from the triumph of getting the house semi-clean and somewhat tidy, then having our granddaughter stay with us overnight, so I offered to turn one of these:

into one of these:

less than a week from now, aided only by my husband, which is often like having no help at all.
Note: The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of magnanimity is not, as I thought, complete insanity, but is instead "loftiness of spirit enabling one to bear trouble calmly, to disdain meanness and pettiness, and to display a noble generosity"!

Good grief! Lofty me just "disdained meanness and pettiness" and displayed the noble generosity entailed in cooking Christmas dinner.

Who, me?

Who knew?

Now, less than 24 hours later, I have finished writing two lists: a to-buy list and an equally long to-do list, and I am overwhelmed. I don't even have my husband here to help underwhelm me, because he is off playing tennis. No, not in the snow. Even he and his intrepid tennis partner aren't that hardy. In the winter they play on an indoor court somewhere. But I digress.

Fortunately for me, I have an appointment to see our family doctor this afternoon. Perhaps he will explain to my husband and the kids that I am constitutionally incapable of such a crazy feat.

But probably not. It's more likely he'll say, "Kay, you look so much better than you did the last time I saw you. Merry Christmas!" and I will be overwhelmed with the folly of (a) looking good and (b) offering to make a huge dinner.

You wouldn't believe what else I thought of doing...I thought of using the silverplated flatware that I haven't used since since the 1990s. It is clean and shiny now, but who knows? It might need to be polished after exposure to contaminants like orange juice, cranberries, and who-knows-what-all.

But I digress again, and would love to digress myself right out of the whole turkey dinner idea, but I can't. I must get on with my list-making...first on the list: get rid of everything I own which is of no use whatsoever, then clean and tidy whatever is left.

The moral of this story is: be careful what you offer to do, because you just might find yourself doing it.

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Charliedownunder said...

Oh Kaye ..... "get rid of everything I own which is of no use whatsoever, then clean and tidy whatever is left." I know that line so well. I use it EVERY DAY but NEVER seem to do it. You will manage beautifully with your Christmas dinner for 6. I too offered to have family for Christmas day and am regretting it but know I will succeed in pulling it off once again. I don't strive for perfection any more. I used to but now just do the best I can and try and relax and enjoy. Have a wonderful Christmas day. I'm sure you will.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Ask the "kids" to bring the appetizers and a couple of side dishes. Then you can concentrate on the turkey and dressing. You can all make the gravy together after they get there, because nobody anymore remembers how to do that from one year to the next. Order pies from the bakery. Say you baked them (Wait no don't do that. I forgot it was your grandkids coming, not your friends. I don't lie to my kids ))) .

Easy for me to day this year -- though I HAVE done all that in the past (except for the lie) this year we are having a totally non-traditional Christmas away from family.

Red said...

When you go crazy, you really go crazy. I'll be it will be a super Christmas dinner.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
hehehe. I had a smile at this one Kay. I did wonder where magnanimity fit in. Foolhardy, daft or even a moment of imbecility? However, I agree with Lynn and Sallie; do what you can and let the rest take care of itself. YAM xx

Bill Nicholls said...

Ah Crimble Dinner now only days away.
Have a good Christmas

Mara said...

Chicken wings and french fries won't cut it then? In that case: go with Sally's suggestion. After all, they do know you don't they and they do know about your health? Besides, doing it together can be great fun. Unless of course you're emptying the gravy on their heads in which case I don't think they will ever accept a dinner invitation again...

Good luck!

Jenn Jilks said...

We just had a pork and chicken breast!