Friday, July 22, 2016

The world is too much with us, yet today

For my 2000th blog post, I have chosen the words of poet William Wordsworth instead of using my own, which are insufficient. His words might seem archaic to some, but the sentiment is as true today as it was in the 1800s when he wrote them..."getting and spending"...which of us cannot relate to that? "Little we see in nature..." we're too busy getting and spending to be able to see anything in nature. "For this, for everything, we are out of tune...It moves us not."

"It moves us not"! How many of us are sincerely moved by the atrocities in the world today? How many of us can see the beauty in nature? How many are "getting and spending" and therefore unable to see anything else?

William Wordsworth 1770-1850......... (

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;— 
Little we see in Nature that is ours; 
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! 
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon; 
The winds that will be howling at all hours, 
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers; 
For this, for everything, we are out of tune; 
It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be 
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn; 
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea, 
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn; 
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea; 
Or hear old Triton blow his wreath├Ęd horn.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
There are words from 8000 years, 4000, 2000, 1000, 500, 100... and even yesterday which all echo the theme of concern about what everyone else may or may not be thinking and that which is deemed as 'progress'. ... actually this post comes up just as I have watched a little news-magazine article on the telly wherein an ordinary citizen described the 'view from his room'... which happens to be a very plain suburban back yard with a hulking great shed. But he has dressed it with prayer flags and chooses to see them as the leaves of the forest which once stood there. What a delightful take!

CONGRATULATONS ON YOUR 2000TH POST!!! That's something very special indeed Kay and we love seeing your name come up in our readers, for you always make us ponder! Huggies, (from Edinburgh) YAM xx

Fun60 said...

Many congratulations. I look forward to the next 2000!

The Chair Speaks said...

Yes, this is oh so true! Our human walks almost daily in the nearby forest reserve and in younger days camped every weekend.
Purrs from us and hugs from our human!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Congrats on the 2000th post, my friend. Thanks for the timely reminder............I would love to see what the poet would write if he could see what we have become today. Yoiks.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Yam's right!