Saturday, June 11, 2016

Another prickly post from the prairie

My husband went out cactus-hunting again, this time with a "real" camera instead of the camera in his cellular phone. Are the photos any better? I don't really know...perhaps. I am doing some solo travel this year, meeting up with Himself for the last half of the trip, and I'm not taking any camera except the one in my cellular phone. Of course, I won't be able to use it as a phone unless I can get a good deal on a plan of some sort. Think, think, think.
In the meantime, cactus buds below and, below those, an absolutely beautiful blossom. I don't know whether to think "irridescent" or "luminous" but I'm leading toward "luminous." All that beauty in the desert part of the prairie.
Richard Schear photos

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Truly luminous! :-) re fone for travel... look into purchae of pay-as-you-go SIM cards in UK. Vodafone or EE or similar will likely have some on offer for £20 or so and they usually include roaming, which is cheap for EU uses..... though you may want to hold off on that till after the referendum!!! YAM xx

Penelope Puddlisms said...

Ouch! I would be careful wearing sandals around there. I didn’t realize cacti grew quite so profusely in your neck of the woods. When the sun comes out and bleaches out ground flowers, I sometimes use myself as a shadow over them to reveal their true colours. :)


A Big Texas Howdy to you Kay!! It was such a lovely surprise to have you stop by to visit with ol' Hootin' Anni. You made my day.

Now, I've spent some time here with you catching up....from the beautiful cactus to the fiery sunsets and the mountain scenes and hiking in B C. Wonderful...wonderful!!

It's good to have you back blogging.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

They are so lovely!

Electra said...

Looks like the Drumheller area? Great photos! And I love your blog title!

jabblog said...

That is eye-catching - impossible to miss, and that's the point, really.