Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting in and out of a panga

As mentioned in an early chapter, getting into and out of a panga and onto a yacht isn't always easy for the unfit among us. Unfortunately for my readers, I have documented evidence only of the times I did it in a reasonably dignified fashion. Once, however, while snorkeling, I did manage to get into a panga (with assistance from the young man at the helm) when I couldn't swim any farther. Fortunately for me, no photographic documentation of that exhausting event exists, anywhere. Take it from me, I have never done it unassisted, and have never done it gracefully. But, if I can manage, with some help, so can other unfitties, even you.


aka Penelope said...

Looking quite graceful in your photos, Kay. But I can well imagine the awkward moments of the undocumented entry into the “panga”.

Kay L. Davies said...

Graceful? Oh, Penelope, you are so sweet. I felt like I was about to fall down and break my neck.
Anyway, the point is what unfitties can do if we accept help. I could no more have gotten myself into or out of that boat by myself than fly to the moon, no kidding.