Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm not humble, I'm a Canadian!

Canadians traveling to foreign lands don't have to be so humble any more. We're winners: record-setting gold medal winners at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Now it's time to get out there into the world and proclaim, "I am a CANADIAN!"
Congratulations to the Canadian athletes, and to all athletes from all countries, who participated in the recent Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. Thanks to all the volunteers who kept the wheels of the olympiad running as smoothly, for the most part, as possible. Condolences to the people of the beautiful country of Georgia who lost one of their own just as the games were about to begin, and to Quebec's Joannie Rochette who lost her beloved mother at such a moment in her life, and in so public a way. I understand, because I still carry the grief from recently losing my own parents.
I also understand the people of Vancouver, and the people visiting Vancouver, who gathered in the streets, particularly at Robson Square and on Granville Street, whose joy in the hope and promise of the Games gave voice to the joy of the people all across the country. My heart was there with you, because I lived in Vancouver for several years and worked there for many more years as a commuter from the suburbs. I'm a third generation British Columbian and grateful I'm able to proclaim, "O Canada, our home and native land."

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aka Penelope said...

You remind me a little of Penelope with that umbrella, Kay. I agree the country has definitely been through a roller coaster ride, bringing home gold AND refreshed Canadian pride.