Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Fauna of Costa Rica

Photos by Kay Davies and Richard Schear


aka Penelope said...

All these creatures are so adorable. But the big-eyed one hanging on is seriously cute, although those nails do look a little dangerous.

Kay Davies said...

That big-eyed one seriously wanted to hold onto me, and I wasn't allowed to let it. That's my hand, and that's my blue shirt, up which it wanted to climb to be cuddled. Broke my heart, because it is an orphaned baby sloth, choleopus hoffmanni, or two-toed sloth. The top picture is of Buttercup, a tame bradypus variegatus, or three-toed sloth. They both live at the Aviarios Sloth Refuge in Costa Rica. The little fellow might some day be strong enough to be returned to the wild. Meanwhile, tourists can no longer hold the sloths because they've been getting sunscreen and bug spray on them. So sad for me. Read more about sloths in later chapters of The Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel.